What Does Insulation “R” Value Really Mean?

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What Does R Value Mean 02When protecting your home from outside elements and keeping the inside temperature at equilibrium, no value is more important than the R-value. The R-value is the given value for just how resistant an insulation material is to heat flow. Simply put, the higher the R-value, the less heat will flow through the material, and as such the less undue temperature will flow through your home.

Even more simply put, the higher the R-value, the better. High R-value insulation will ensure that your temperature will go largely un-interfered with by outside sources, and that the interior temperature will not be prone to internal spikes. It is important to choose an insulation method with an R-value that is appropriate for your home, so that it is most efficiently protected against unpredictable temperature spikes. Affordable Insulation will advise you on the appropriate R-value and go a cut above, ensuring your home is not protected by the bare minimum.

R-Values May Deteriorate Over Time

It is important to know that an R-value of an insulation method is not set in stone. It is determined by a formula that takes into effect many factors of the insulate material. Insulation that is damaged or inefficiently placed will have lowered R-value, and insulation that is airtight, undamaged, and professionally placed will have higher R-value.

This is why it’s especially important to be advised on the proper form of insulation for your home or business. While fiberglass batts may be among the cheapest solutions for insulation, they may not be appropriate for an attic with awkward crevices and crannies, and simply cramming a batt into an odd spot will vastly decrease its R-value. Other forms of insulation may face damage overtime from moisture, most often the case in basements, or perhaps insects and pests. Any form of this chronic damage will vastly decrease the R-value and lower the overall protection of your home.

Recommended R-Value Tools

Calculating your exact R-value needed is a daunting task, and not all of us have the Ph.D. level intellects to do so. Luckily, the government has provided tools for a homeowner to get a correct R-value depending on their situation.

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