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A common problem in Oklahoma is that our heat and air system is installed in the attic along with our ductwork. Don’t let poor insulation and leaky ductwork compromise the air quality of your home. Call Affordable Tulsa Insulation today to schedule an air sealing and insulation appointment. This is the worst possible place for our system and is one of the major disadvantages to your central air conditioning system. According to the U. S. EPA, most ductwork leaks between 20-30% of the air you have heated and cooled. Here is why.

Attics are the extreme opposite temperature of the air that your ducts are trying to distribute to your rooms. They are 30 degrees in the winter and over 150 degrees in the summertime. We insulate in Oklahoma for our extreme high temperatures during the summer. The air in your duct is approximately 55 degrees. Ducts are very poorly insulated with fiberglass insulation and air passes right through fiberglass insulation. In the winter the attic cools the ducts and the air in it. So instead of having 120 degree air that you paid to heat coming out of your registers in your rooms, it may only be 90 degrees, making you uncomfortable and the furnace runs longer to heat your home. This results in high utility costs and wear & tear on your HVAC system. Upgrade your home’s insulation with Affordable Tulsa Insulation and enjoy a more energy-efficient and comfortable living space. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

In the summer, the 150 degree + attic heats your ducts and the air in them and instead of 55 degree air that you paid to cool coming into your rooms, it may be 75 degrees – reheated by your ducts in your hot attic. Your ac system has to run longer to make you and your home comfortable. Does it really make sense to have your ductwork running through our hot attics which is basically outside. Does a cup of ice last very long in 150 degree temperatures? The answer is pretty simple and self explanatory. But homebuilders have been placing ductwork in the attic for years to “get it outta the way”. This causes the homeowner to suffer during the summer and be uncomfortable. To reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your home, call Affordable Tulsa Insulation to encapsulate your ducts and lower the heat load on your HVAC system.

Ducts have a lot of joints, splices, gaps and holes. These are not only air leaks into the vented attic when the air handler is OFF but they are POWERED air leaks when its ON! Air that you have paid good money to heat and cool your home. This air is lost forever into your hot attic in the summer and cold attic in the winter. It’s LOST…Never to be recouped. Keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter with Affordable Tulsa Insulation’s spray foam insulation services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Return air ducts suck in cold dirty attic air in the winter and hot, musty, dirty air in the summer. This causes poor indoor air quality and allergies.

Affordable Insulation of Oklahoma has a long term solution.

We spray foam the ac ductwork with closed cell foam insulation often referred to as Duct Encapsulation. We then will seal and insulate your ducts right over the existing insulation with a 1” layer of closed cell foam insulation. Air cannot leak through the foam insulation. Not only does closed cell foam insulation have a superior R-Value per inch (resistance measure to heat), but it recovers some insulation value from your existing insulation duct wrap by making it air tight. This method ensures the air that you have paid to heat up in the winter or cool down in the summer reaches the room you want it too. This makes you and your family more comfortable and lowers your energy costs substantially. By encapsulating your ducts by Affordable Insulation your home will be a constant temperature and more comfortable. Contact Affordable Tulsa Insulation at 918-371-7667 or fill out the form below for a free home comfort inspection if you’re experiencing excessive utility costs, uncomfortable rooms, or if your ductwork is in bad shape.

Duct Encapsulation has been done for years all over the world. This method is often more cost effective than spraying your home attic with foam insulation. There is less surface area to spray on your ducts than your roofline. By sealing the air ducts, you won’t be “cooling” the attic in the summer or “heating” the attic in the winter. Your ac system will deliver cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter to the desired room of your choice. Don’t let outdated insulation compromise the energy efficiency of your home. Contact Affordable Tulsa Insulation for a professional insulation removal and replacement service to improve your home’s comfort and save on energy costs.

Your home has air conditioning system that was designed to heat and cool the home. Did you know that most systems are oversized or leaky from day one? This is because in Oklahoma we have excessive heat. Our “heat load” on our homes is HIGH. The most single important factor to the “heat load” is our DUCTWORK. Duct Encapsulation by Affordable Insulation is the best solution to reduce energy costs and provide comfortable homes. In some cases it’s the simple most important thing you can do as a homeowner to lower your monthly expenses, save your HVAC system from running so hard and BE COMFORTABLE. Your duct work needs to be sprayed, sealed and insulated to reduce the “heat load” on the house. Can you see how by having your ducts encapsulated with closed cell foam insulation your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient? If you are experiencing discomfort and high energy bills due to your HVAC system being installed in the attic, contact Affordable Tulsa Insulation for a long-term solution.

Affordable Insulation is the only local dealer for Attic Systems Insulation. We are in a network of over 100 dealers nationwide. We have been trained and certified to offer duct encapsulation services. Once your ductwork is encapsulated, your home will be comfortable year round. Call us today 918-371-7667 or fill out the form below to schedule your free home comfort inspection. If you have experienced any of the following problems please feel free to call us for a free consultation. 

  1. Excessive Utility Costs
  2. Uncomfortable rooms (cold in the winter) or (hot in the summer)
  3. Rooms that “never” reach the temperature you want them too
  4. Your ducts are in your attic
  5. You notice your ductwork to be in bad shape, kinked or no air coming from the vent
  6. Dirty or foul odors
  7. Excessive dirt, dust or dander in the house 

Chances are if you have any of these issues, your ductwork is the problem and Affordable Insulation of Oklahoma is here to help. Call us today at 918-371-7667 to schedule your free home inspection and start living in comfort. Duct Encapsulation by Affordable Insulation takes approximately one day to install and last forever. Most of our customers can feel the difference before we leave. Call 918-371-7667 today.

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