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The attic is the portion of the homes or rooms that are nestled in between the roof and the upper floors or ceiling board. It most cases this area is not utilized for living space. Some people elect you use it for storage purposes. Given its close proximity to the roofs of the house, it is ordinarily more vulnerable to the risks of overheating in the day, excessive cold at night, and extreme temperature fluctuations. This is why it, of necessity, has to be appropriately insulated.

We are going to examine the main reasons why it is necessary to insulate this portion of the home (mainly the Attic Insulation In Tulsa portions). We shall close it all by looking into the different types of attic insulation techniques thereafter.


Stabilize the Internal Temperatures

The main reason to insulate your attic is to stabilize the internal temperatures. This simply means keeping the internal temperatures more or less constant throughout the day and night.

During the day and the summer months, the internal temperatures are often too high. This is occasioned by the similarly high temperatures external temperatures. At such times, the insulation blocks excess heat from seeping into the rooms.

In winter months and at night, the external temperatures are often too cold. At such times, the insulation traps the interior heat from escaping outside. It also blocks excess cold from seeping into the room. This way, the temperature of the attic remains fairly constant throughout.

Prevent Condensation

Condensation is the process by which water droplets settle on surfaces. This usually occurs as the result of humid air coming into contact with extremely cold surfaces. This phenomenon is highly unwelcome especially if the said surfaces are made of wood.

By stabilizing the internal temperatures as stated above, insulating your attic thus contributes to the prevention of condensation. This is especially great if you use the room for staying or as a bedroom.

Increase Fire Protection

Insulation increases the fire safety of the attic in two main ways. For one, most materials that are used to insulate the attic are themselves fire-retardent. In the event of a fire, they contribute to the mitigation of the spread and severity of the fire. In light of this, they reduce the associated damages considerably.

Secondly, insulation in and of itself reduces the risks that are associated with fire outbreaks regardless of the materials used. This is because it slows down the possible increase in temperatures of the construction materials. This way, it makes evacuation safer and worthwhile.

Control Noise and Vibrations

By insulating your attic, you also get to enjoy the added benefit of a quiet room from the incorporation of Attic Insulation In Tulsa. This is because the materials utilized for the job blocks external sounds from seeping into a room. This way, they keep the internal ambiance quiet and ideal for peace and quiet.

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Conserve Energy

Lastly, insulation conserves energy and this is most true of Attic Insulation In Tulsa because of the majority of your home insulation is in the attic portions of your home. As explained earlier, this technique keeps the internal temperatures of the attic area relatively constant throughout the day and year. In the summer months, it reduces the electrical energy needed to keep the interiors of rooms cool. In the winter, it also reduces the heating energy by reason of trapping a sizable chunk of heat energy. This translates to relatively less utility bill on your part.


The following are the main types of attic insulation materials:

Fiberglass Blow In

Fiberglass is a kind of material that is made of plastic which is reinforced using glass fiber. It is then cut down to some predetermined shapes and sizes. The end result is what is often called loose fill insulation.  These fibers are the ones that are used to insulate the attic. In most cases your attic can be “blown” in the matter of a few hours.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is often used in the attic areas of your home. Using this method, spray foam insulation is sprayed to the underside of the roof line, encapsulating the attic area. This method of insulating your attic is far superior to other methods. By adding spray foam in an encapsulated attic, your utilities are often 40-50% lower. Your home is more comfortable because it elimantes hot and cold areas of the house. This results in more even temperatures in the home. Also by insulating with spray foam insulation in the attic, your HVAC equipment last longer and doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Heat travels upwards, and as such it is important for your attic to have quality insulation so that your home can retain vital heat. Attics are often awkward spaces to insulate, being full of several awkward nooks and crannies due

to their roles in housing several electrical systems, plumbing pipes, and having walls determined by the shape of your roof.

As such, insulating an attic is often exceptionally difficult when compared to the flat and large surfaces of the walls. For this task, Affordable Insulation offers blown-in fiberglass insulation, an affordable and versatile product that is adept at filling in the odd spaces that often characterize attics. Installing Attic insulation in Tulsa using this method will provide a more effective insulation solution than standard fiberglass batts, which have to be cut by hand and are ineffective at insulating small spaces.

Retain Your Heat and Save Energy Costs

The many small spaces and strange crannies of the attic provide several avenues from which air and temperature can escape. This is a large reason for why heat can easily be lost from your attic. Air has no physical form and will find absolutely any opening to seep through. If you do not have an adequate insulation solution, your energy costs will be far

higher than they should, as your ventilation and heating units have to work overtime to compensate for all of the wasted heat. 

We can provide an efficient and versatile solution with our blown-in fiberglass insulation. Attic insulation in Tulsa is an option using this method, in addition to being affordable, fiberglass retains heat extremely well and does not allow temperature to escape. The blow-in method also ensures that it will fit to any of the awkward spaces in your attic.

Furthermore, fiberglass is resistant to moisture, which comes in handy during the rainy season. Your roof will be battered by many rainstorms over the year, so your first line of defense should be insulated by something that is rather immune to water damage from these rains.

As a bonus, we install to an R-value of 30, which is higher than the Department of Energy’s recommendation for attic insulation in Tulsa. When you go with Affordable Insulation, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get tailored attic insulation at a reasonable price.

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