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Prevent heating and cooling loss to your attic

Attic Insulation Tulsa 03Heat travels upwards, and as such it is important for your attic to have quality insulation so that your home can retain vital heat. Attics are often awkward spaces to insulate, being full of several awkward nooks and crannies due to their roles in housing several electrical systems, plumbing pipes, and having walls determined by the shape of your roof.

As such, insulating an attic is often exceptionally difficult when compared to the flat and large surfaces of the walls. For this task, Affordable Insulation offers blown-in fiberglass insulation, an affordable and versatile product that is adept at filling in the odd spaces that often characterize attics. This will provide a more effective insulation solution than standard fiberglass batts, which have to be cut by hand and are ineffective at insulating small spaces.

Retain Your Heat and Save Energy Costs

The many small spaces and strange crannies of the attic provide several avenues from which air and temperature can escape. This is a large reason for why heat can easily be lost from your attic. Air has no physical form and will find absolutely any opening to seep through. If you do not have an adequate insulation solution, your energy costs will be far higher than they should, as your ventilation and heating units have to work overtime to compensate for all of the wasted heat.

We can provide an efficient and versatile solution with our blown-in fiberglass insulation. In addition to being affordable, fiberglass retains heat extremely well and does not allow temperature to escape. The blow-in method also ensures that it will fit to any of the awkward spaces in your attic.

Furthermore, fiberglass is resistant to moisture, which comes in handy during the rainy season. Your roof will be battered by many rainstorms over the year, so your first line of defense should be insulated by something that is rather immune to water damage from these rains.

As a bonus, we install to an R-value of 30, which is higher than the Department of Energy’s recommendation for attic insulation. When you go with Affordable Insulation, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get tailored attic insulation at a reasonable price.

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