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The simple answers you need to your insulation questions

Insulation Faq 02The field of insulation is a deep and varied one, and someone who tries to go in blind may purchase the wrong product or install an inefficient product that does not protect their home as well as another one would. It is important to arm yourself with knowledge before looking to protect your home with insulation or your living space might not be as well-regulated as you would like.

What Kind of Insulation Should I Use?

This depends on many factors, such as what part of the home you’re looking to insulate, what your budget is, and if you’re already insulated. Homeowners on a budget may want to opt for fiberglass batts, those with more cash to spare may want to opt for the air-tight spray foam insulation, or you may want to opt for a fusion of both.

Different types of insulation may also be more appropriate for different spaces. Your walls may be more conducive to fiberglass batts, while your attic may need a spray-in solution. It is best to contact an insulation professional to get the most bang for your buck.

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