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The largest part of your home’s exterior is the walls. It is of the utmost importance that these walls are well-insulated and protected against temperature and air escape. The largest amount of heat and cooling would be lost through walls, which would put your air conditioning and heating systems into overdrive to compensate. Furthermore, the most exterior noise would come in through your walls, and it’s doubtful you’ll want to be kept up by hordes of crickets during the night.

For this important need, Affordable Insulation provides professional installation of injection foam insulation to insulate or re-insulate the walls of your home. This is an eco-friendly and non-invasive procedure that can be performed from the exterior of your house. Customers report that they save 60 percent of their utility costs after our professional installers outfit their walls with our injection foam. Your home deserves the best wall insulation, and we’re here to provide a Tulsa-tailored service.

Retain Your Heat and Cooling

The benefits of injection foam wall insulation are manifold. You will get to retain your heat during the cold winter and retain your vital cooling during the blazing Tulsa summer. This means your expensive air conditioning or heating unit won’t be working nearly as hard, and you’ll get to save costs on their maintenance and functioning.

Additionally, your injection foam insulation will be fire resistant, which is vastly important for the walls of your home. As stated before, the walls are the largest part of the exterior of your home. Some insulation products are actually flammable, which seems counter-intuitive to a safe home. Our injection foam will ensure that fire safety comes along with our non-invasive, eco-friendly procedure.

Reduce Exterior Noise

Contrary to what some may think nighttime has a lot of ambient noise. Owls hooting, crickets chirping, and late-night commuters driving along the road add up to a bit of a racket. Our injection-foam insulation has a sound transmission class rating of 53, which means it is estimated to reduce outside noises by 80 percent. This means your walls will provide a safe haven against the noisy outside world.

Our wall installation is simple and non-invasive. Find out more about how we can help you save money on your utility bills with our Free Energy Assessment. Call us today at 918-371-7667 or contact us at the link below.

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