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If you’re looking for a strong, airtight insulation product that’s a cut above the norm, spray foam insulation might be right up your Spray Foam Insulation 02alley. Affordable Insulation’s spray foam insulation is a liquid that, as the name implies, is sprayed on your walls, ceilings, floors, attics, etc. It then hardens to a liquid, forming an air-tight shield that will do its part to block any air trying to leave or make its way into your home.

Spray foam insulation has higher R-values than other types of insulation. Simply put, higher R-values means it is a more resistant type of insulation. Spray-foam is the product to turn to for effective and long-term insulation for your home, or industrial-strength insulation for your business. We guarantee that this product will deliver in long-term savings.

Spray Foam Insulation Saves in the Long Run

There are some that may look at the increased cost of spray foam insulation compared to a cheaper product like fiberglass, and wonder why they should pick spray foam. Consider that spray foam insulation is an airtight membrane that handily blocks hot or cold air from leaving the house. This is in stark contrast to other insulation types that may deteriorate and lose their strength.

This means that you will not have to replace the insulation as much as other products, which is especially handy for hot Tulsa summers. You will place far less burden on your air conditioning and ventilation units, which will not have to replace any escaping air. This will lower your energy bill, no matter the season.

The Airtight Insulation Provides Additional Benefits

On the surface, airtight insulation is important, as it will trap air from escaping or entering your home; however, there are far more benefits to airtight insulation than one would first think. Mold, mildew, and other unsavory growths love small pockets to grow in. Spray foam provides no such pockets or crevices for mold or the like to creep in.

The airtight membrane will also prevent other outdoor spores or allergens from entering your home, and will not provide safe haven for any insects or other pests. Spray foam will additionally minimize noise from the outdoors and inside walls.

Spray foam insulation is the product for you if you’re looking for strong and airtight protection. If you’re looking to install spray foam insulation, call today at 918-371-7667 for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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