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Insulation is a job that needs to be done thoroughly. Air and outside allergens should not be allowed any avenue of entrance and inside temperatures should not be allowed any route of escape. For the tricky nooks and crannies that may provide an obscure route of egress to the temperatures that you want to retain in your home, blown-in fiberglass is a solid and versatile solution. At Affordable Insulation, blown-in insulation is our go-to for tricky attic spaces, and install to R-30, higher than the recommended resistance value. We make sure that your attic is protected by more than the bare minimum.

Blown-in fiberglass, also known as loose-fill fiberglass, is blown in as the name would imply by a special machine to fill in cold spots and awkward cracks in your attic. This provides a far more elegant solution to cramming a small cut of fiberglass batt in a small cranny. While fiberglass is versatile in any form, blown-in fiberglass caters to the need to fill odd cavities and will provide a higher R-value than your run-of-the-mill fiberglass batts.

For the Economical and Environmentally-Minded Consumer

Fiberglass’ claim to fame is affordability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. This insulation method will ensure that you get a lot of bang for your buck, provided you install it correctly. Fiberglass is often made partially of recycled materials, with blown-in fiberglass often having a higher make-up of recycled material. Additionally, it is often the cheapest per square-inch of any insulation type.

Blown-in fiberglass takes it a step further in the versatility department by having adjustable depth to fit any R-value requirement. You can also use this insulation to bolster existing insulation, giving your home or building a further layer of protection. This may be useful for attics with a lot of cavity space or other non-uniform spaces.

Enjoy the High Resistances of Fiberglass

With blown-in fiberglass, you can treat every inch of your home, even the awkward spots not ideally filled by batts, to the signature heat, moisture, and sound resistances of fiberglass batts. There are some who decry blown-in fiberglass as it is susceptible to very cold temperatures, which would decrease the effectiveness of its insulation over time.

Luckily, however, we live in Tulsa, where the summers are blazing hot and the winters, while chilly, aren’t anywhere near the nightmares of our fellow Americans up north. Your blown-in fiberglass will be up to the task of resisting both heat and cold if it is applied properly.

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