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When looking for the right type of insulation, you need to consider your home situation and which product is most appropriate to protecting your home from the elements. Tulsa gets very warm during these summer months, so it is of paramount importance that you are able to make an educated decision to determine the best choice for your home. At Affordable Insulation, we ensure that we will help you find the best product for your insulation needs

Fiberglass insulation is a newly popular and energy efficient insulation type that is environmentally friendly. It specializes in stopping heat flow, perfect for the blazing temperatures of the Tulsa summer. It is generally made of up to 40% recyclable materials, making this an affordable and green option when compared to other insulation types. It is available in different forms, such as batts, blankets, or blown-in insulation. Take a look at the following summaries and see which form of fiberglass insulation is right for you.

Batts and Blankets

Familiar and Reliable

Batts and blankets are common forms of insulation that come in rolls for you to carry. It is perfect for a “do-it-yourself” job and can be cut to fit around different installations such as plumbing pipes and electrical outlets. This is a customizable option that can be used effectively in walls, ceilings, and floors.

If you choose to install this yourself rather than hiring a professional, be sure to do so efficiently. Fiberglass batts and blankets that are simply stuffed into spaces rather than fit properly lose up to half of their insulation quality.

If you want an affordable and malleable fiberglass insulation option, batts and blankets may be the product for you.

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Loose-Fill (Or Blow-In)

Versatile, Can Fit Anywhere

Loose-fill insulation is the practice of blowing in small strands of fiberglass into any nook and cranny with a machine. It fits into small spaces far easier than the batts and blankets method, and is useful for eliminating smaller un-insulated spots.

Loose-fill tends to be even more environmentally friendly than batts and blankets, being made of up to 60% recyclable material. The more detail-focused method of loose-fill makes it more ideal for smaller spaces such as attics or ceilings.

If you have a tricky attic with a large amount of nooks and crannies to fill, loose-fill fiberglass insulation may be the product for you.

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